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Double Your Results With Lesser Effort And Time (Now Only RM990)

Kuala Lumpur
12/01/18 10:20
Mode of study:
Part time study

Are you frustrated that you are not achieving your goals fast enough?

Do you feel that you are going round and round and round and not getting ahead?

Do you feel your energy depleting as you struggle to get what you want?

Join our course and discover how you can concentrate your efforts though FOCUS and get on track to achieve your goals.

Through this program, you will discover how to focus on things that matter most, which will enable you to achieve what you want .... FAST

Secure your seat now and be on your way to greater SUCCESS !

In this program you will learn and discover :

1) The number one problem why most people have troubles achieving what they want.

2) The five FOCUS areas that get you results ...FAST.

3) Why and How to get clear on exactly what you want in your business or career.

4) How to leverage on your strengths, know-how and resources ... and get what you want faster.

5) A simple strategy to boost your self confidence.

6) How to take control of your self sabotaging mind and courageously take the right actions for success.

7) What's most important to focus on for your success.

8) How to set yourself for success.

Website: www.esther.com.my